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Scrapping for Clean Air: Emission Savings from the BC Scrap-It Program
(with Sumeet Gulati) May 2012
Emission Trading for Air Pollution Hot Spots: Getting the Permit Market Right
September 2012
Adaptation + Mitigation: What is the optimal climate change policy mix?
May 2011
Does Country-Internal Migration Affect Trade?
First Version November 2007, revised November 2012
Internal and External Distance: Gravity Depends on It
November 2007
Do US Stock Markets Typically Overreact to Corporate News Stories?
(with Murray Z. Frank, October 24, 2005. A separate detailed technical appendix has many extra tables with robustness checks and additional results.
Internet Stock Message Boards and Stock Returns
(with Murray Z. Frank) This is the second version of this paper, released on November 7, 2002. A newer version of this paper is available under the title Does Talk Matter? Evidence from a Board Cross Section of Stocks (download)
Random-Effects Estimation for Spatially Autocorrelated Unbalanced Panel Data: Geographic Aggregation Biases and the Case of Transboundary Air Pollution
Presented at the Econometric Society Summer Meeting at UCLA, June 2002. The paper is available on the web in the Proceedings of the 2002 North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society: Economic Theory, edited by David K. Levine and William Zame.
Is the Canadian Dollar in Secular Decline? - Empirical Evidence on Purchasing Power Parity and the Links Between Exchange Rate Volatility, Transborder Capital Flows, and News
working paper presented at the Ryerson University conference on Exchange Rates, Economic Integration, and the International Economy in Toronto on May 17-19, 2002.