Interesting Bits of Applied Economics and Noteworthy Facts about Canada

Canada's International Trade and Investment Profile
This document currently contains four time charts depicting Canada's trade intensity (the sum of exports and imports relative to GDP) and its decomposition into goods and service trade, Canada's trade balance (exports minus imports, relative to GDP), Canada's capital flow balances (inflows minus outflows, relative to GDP), the industrial composition of Canada's exports between 1971 and 2003. Furthermore, the are charts detailing the country source of merchandise imports and country destination of merchandise exports.
[Last updated: Tuesday, 22-Apr-2014 15:33:49 PDT; PDF file, 25KB]
Canada's Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices
Five charts containing monthly average fuel prices since 2000 for diesel and regular gasoline, average surcharge for premium gasoline, price difference between diesel and regular gasoline, price differences across the country, and sesonal price effects.
[Last updated: Tuesday, 22-Apr-2014 14:59:59 PDT; PDF file, 13KB]
Canada's Population Pyramid 1921-2001
This document contains 21 pages, each showing the age distribution of Canada's population in "pyramid" form in four-year intervals. By flipping through the pages one can visualize the movement of cohorts through the pyramid.
[December 22, 2001; PDF file, 76KB]
Immigration into Canada 1955-2008
Number of immigrants into Canada by region of origin.
[Last updated: Tuesday, 25-Jun-2013 17:54:05 PDT; PDF file, 5.8KB]
Gross Electricity Production in Canada by Energy Type 1977-2008
How much energy is produced by hydro, thermal, and nuclear plants?
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Canadian Government Debt 1977-2005
This single-page chart shows the indebtedness of Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal governments, expressed as a percentage of current GDP
[Last updated: Wednesday, 20-Feb-2008 08:45:53 PST; PDF file, 32KB]
Leading Economic Indicator Time Series for Canada
These 3 charts show the smoothed and unsmoothed time series of Canada's composite index of 10 leading economic indicators.
[Last updated: Friday, 22-Nov-2013 10:44:49 PST; PDF file, 10KB]
Canadian Crime Statistics
This is a 15-page document with time trends of major crime types and interprovincial comparisons (actual number of offences, crime rate, and crime rate relative to national average). The interprovincial comparisons cover the years 1990, 1995, and 2000.
[January 14, 2002; PDF file, 127KB]